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IRIS Stories

IRIS resources are used throughout the United States and around the world. Now, for the first time, we’re sharing the stories and experiences of our users in their own words. Whether told by college and university faculty, state or district personnel, school principals, or classroom teachers, every IRIS story teaches us something new.

IRIS & the Alabama SDE: Addressing Behavior

The IRIS Center’s productive relationship with the Alabama State Department of Education began when the state required its teachers to complete the IRIS module Effective School Practices: Promoting Collaboration and Monitoring Students’ Academic Achievement. This resource highlights partnerships between general education and special education teachers that result in the creation of a collective responsibility and shared high[…..]

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IRIS & the Alabama SPDG: One Step Further

It’s becoming increasingly common for schools and districts to use our IRIS professional development resources to help their teachers sharpen their skills or to learn new classroom instructional and behavior practices. In Alabama, however, Curtis Gage and the State Personnel Development Grant decided to take their professional development training a step further and include a[…..]

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