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Sample Syllabi Collection

Our Sample Syllabi Collection is designed to serve as a resource to faculty as they create their own syllabi. These syllabi provide examples of the ways in which information about evidence-based practices, including IRIS resources on those topics, can be integrated into coursework about all children and students, especially those with disabilities. To learn more about the process we used to create this collection, click here. Note that, due to evolving licensure and content standards and the scheduling cycle when these courses are offered, the syllabi presented here as models might not necessarily reflect the very latest standards and certification requirements. Check this page often for updated and revised syllabi. For links to the most current standards and certification requirements, click here.

You can use our custom IRIS Syllabi Template to create your own syllabus. Click here to get started.

Syllabi for Introduction to Special Education Courses

Syllabus for Inclusive Practices for General Education Teacher Candidates

Syllabus for Assessment

Syllabi for Classroom Organization and Management

Syllabi for Methods

Syllabus for Field Experience

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