Internal IRIS Reports

In 2015, there was a total of 1.4 million visits to the IRIS Website by users from all over the world, 216 countries and territories in all, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Germany, and Qatar. To help us keep track of our users, the IRIS Center produces a number of internal reports. Visit this page to learn more about what we do, who uses our IRIS resources, and how our Modules are rated by field-testers.

IRIS Fast Facts

This brochure highlights IRIS resource usage, dissemination efforts, and training activities for 2014. View and download it here.

IRIS Use Report

Use of the IRIS Center’s Resources at Institutions of Higher Education with Approved Special Education Licensure Programs: 2013–2014 Academic Year (PDF)
This report specifically addresses one aspect of the IRIS Center’s work: the use of the Center’s Website by faculty working to prepare new teachers. Data collection efforts sought to determine the Center’s current use—how many colleges and universities offering state-approved special education personnel preparation programs use IRIS resources in their coursework. Assessment of use is important for evaluation purposes and strategic planning.

Field-Test Data

The IRIS Center uses field-testing as a method of evaluating its Modules. Click the link to learn more about this process, as well as to view the quality, relevance, and usefulness ratings of IRIS Modules.

Module Feedback

Another way of assessing the quality, relevance, and usefulness of IRIS Modules is through direct communication with IRIS users and visitors to our Website. The IRIS Module Feedback Form offers an opportunity for those who complete one of our Modules to let us know what they think. Click the link to learn more about our respondents and their ratings.

Quarterly Reports

To fulfill one of our obligations, and to report our most recent happenings, the IRIS Center produces quarterly reports to share with IRIS users and the U.S. Department of Education. These quarterly reports detail resource production, scaling-up activities, additions and refinements to the IRIS Website, presentation and conference participation, Web traffic data, and much, much more.

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