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Professional Development

The IRIS Center offers three distinct professional development opportunities.

PD Certificates for Teachers allows individual users to pursue certificates for professional development hours. Through this feature, practitioners can work through a wide variety of our modules and—after completing a pre-test and post-test—receive verification of completion and an indication of the number of hours it typically takes users to complete that module.

Our School & District Platform is a powerful resource for school leaders who wish to implement and manage professional development activities on a wider scale. Through our School & District Platform, principals and superintendents can assign modules to individual teachers or to groups, send reminder emails, track teacher PD progress, and export results for accountability purposes.

Finally, IRIS Micro-credentials offer educators the opportunity to practice discrete instructional skills to improve the education outcomes for all of their students. By successfully completing an IRIS micro-credential, you will receive a digital badge to document your accomplishment and that you can share with others online and via social media.

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