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The IRIS Center brings together teams of professionals to help guide the development, refinement, and evaluation of our products and services. As with our Content Experts, who contribute to the development of IRIS Modules and Case Studies, Work Groups are brought together for specific tasks. These teams use their expertise, knowledge, and information from a variety of focus groups and consumer input to help us to create new resources and services that we believe will be greatly beneficial to college and university faculty, professional development providers, and those working independently to improve the education outcomes for all children, particularly those with disabilities ages birth to 21. We extend our gratitude to these remarkable individuals who are committed to the IRIS endeavor.

The Sample Syllabi Work Group is made up of IRIS Technical Assistance Providers—for example, trainers, coaches, and mentors—and experts in the evaluation of teacher education programs. The sample syllabi you will find in this ever-growing collection are from actual courses that were re-formatted and expanded to reflect input from focus groups of doctoral students about to become faculty and experienced faculty seeking to upgrade their courses and curriculum to better incorporate evidence-based practices and new research-based knowledge. Members of this Work Group are:

  • Sally Barton-Arwood, Belmont University
  • Vivian Correa, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Laurie Dinnebeil, University of Toledo
  • Mary Louise Hemmeter, Vanderbilt University
  • Nancy Hunt, California State University-Los Angeles
  • Katherine Mitchem, California University-Pennsylvania
  • Cindy O’Dell, Salish Kootenai College
  • Darcie Peterson, Utah State University
  • Dana Caseau Powell, California State University, Fresno
  • Cammy Purper, California Baptist University
  • Kimberly Snow, Utah State University
  • Melba Spooner, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

The Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) Work Group is continuing to expand the EBP Annotations collection to provide IRIS users with information about “what works” for which groups of learners at which age groups. The researchers who make up this group of experts are:

  • Diane Bryant, University of Texas
  • Donald Compton, Vanderbilt University
  • Lou Danielson, American Institutes for Research
  • Ilene Schwartz, University of Washington-Seattle
  • Deborah Speece, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Phil Strain, University of Colorado-Denver

The Impact Studies Work Group is helping the Center develop the process and infrastructure necessary to assist individual investigators study the effectiveness of the Center’s STAR Legacy Modules and Case Studies. Through this initiative, the Center provides research design and analysis coaching and consultation to doctoral students and college and university faculty. Supported studies focus on college students’ and practicing educators’ knowledge and application of evidence-based practices. Projects are selected through a competitive process. Requests for applications are available annually through this Website on January 15 and June 15. Members of the Impact Studies Work Group are:

  • Bob Algozzine, UNC Charlotte
  • Vivian Correa, UNC Charlotte
  • Larry Maheady, Buffalo State
  • Kevin Miller, Buffalo State
  • Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead, University of Connecticut
  • Sharon Raimondi, University of Buffalo

The Faculty Seminar Training Materials Work Group is made up of IRIS Trainers/Technical Assistance Providers who have delivered IRIS Faculty Seminars nationwide and are skilled in embedding evidence-based practices and IRIS resources in their coursework and personnel preparation programs. They have assisted with the development of and reviewed our 2014 training materials and implementation examples, all of which are posted on this Website and are being used in this year’s day-and-a-half IRIS Faculty Seminars. Members of this workgroup are:

  • Sally Barton-Arwood, Belmont University
  • Sara Bicard, Auburn University, Montgomery
  • Darcie Peterson, Utah State University
  • Kimberly Snow, Utah State University

The Dissemination Work Group is made up of experts in technology, social media, and public relations. This group seeks to increase awareness of the Center’s Website, use of the Center’s resources, and consumers’ knowledge of the Center’s services. It had a high level of involvement in the development of the Center’s Dissemination Plan and continues to assist with these efforts in a quickly changing environment.  Members of this Work Group are:

  • Kevin Davis, Vice President and Publisher, Pearson Publishing
  • Virginia Lanigan, Corporate Communications & Strategy
  • Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, Associate Professor and Co-Principal Investigator of the Gates Project: Getting Connected: Harnessing the Power of Social Media Technology to Enhance Community College Student Success
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