Our Team

The IRIS staff is dedicated to the creation and infusion of materials and resources about effective instructional practices, techniques, and interventions.


Naomi Tyler
Project Co-director

Kim Skow
Project Coordinator

Janice Brown
Research Coordinator

Janet Church

Pam Dismuke
Seminars & Events Support

Amy Harris
Program Manager

John Harwood

Tony Maupin
Tech Support

Jason Miller

Brenda Trevethan
Web Development


Deb Smith
Project Co-director

Michael Nee
Director of Event Planning

Sue Robb
Coordinator of Training Services

Jen Graham
Budget Officer

Janet Wong
 Logistics Manager

Taryn Vanderpyl
Project Assistant

Judy Smith Davis
Judy Smith-Davis
Information Specialist

IRIS Leadership Team

Vivian Correa, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Ilene Schwartz, University of Washington-Seattle
Deb Smith, Claremont Graduate University
Naomi Tyler, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

Current OSEP Project Officer

Sarah Allen

Former OSEP Project Officers

Tracie Dickson
Shedeh Hajghassemali
Anne Smith
Helen Thornton

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